Arabica Coffee Beans

coffee Beans Arabica Raw Coffee Beans Directly from Kenya specialty The Farm Grade AA Unroasted Green Max Rich


Arabica Coffee Beans 

Arabica Coffee Beans

Product Raw coffee bean
Type 100% Specialty Arabica
Variety Arara, Catuaí, Catucaí, Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo
Grade A to AAA
Max. Moisture (%): 11.5
Color Natural green color
Flavor or Tasting Notes Sweet, Fruit, Acid, Balance
Aroma Sweet notes (Caramel, chocolate, honey)
Processing type Natural or Washed
Size 14/15, 15+, 16+, 17/18, 18
NCM/HS Code 0901.11.10
Primary Package 1) Paper bags up to 30 kg with plastic film2) Jute bag with 30kg

3) Jute bag with 60kg

Arabica Coffee Beans
Arabica Coffee Beans

About High Quality Coffee Beans

Our coffee trading model:

  • We own the production and export process, without unbalancing farmers profits
  • Full transparency between involved parties, including final price paid to farmers
  • Final price evenly distributed between parties
  • Full autonomy to find the best coffee characteristics based on grade, origin, variety, harvest, processes, sensory profile, certifications