Macadamia Nuts

Product name: Macadamia
Size: 22mm up
Broken rate: 5% max,
Moisture 1 % max

Macadamia, also known as macadamia nuts. A brown hard shell, milky white inside, sweet taste. This type of grain contains many good fats needed to reduce bad cholesterol, increase the amount of good cholesterol helps the cardiovascular system to be healthy, prevent clogged atherosclerosis.
What is use of macadamia?
Making food to eat directly: macadamia kernel is a nutritious seed, so it is popular with many people, so macadamia is baked, roasted and dried quite popular all over the world. Making macadamia milk, chocolate, cakes: biscuits, macadamia candies• Cosmetics: macadamia nuts have many cosmetic applications. Products extracted from macadamia such as shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, anti-aging creams.